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This includes a Port, Grappa, Olive Oils (250ml & 500ml) & Balsamic vinegar.

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Allée Bleue Cape Ruby 2015

Origin: Franschhoek

2015-cape-ruby Label: Allée Bleue

Farm Location:  R45 Franschhoek Valley

Wine-maker:  Van Zyl du Toit

Grape varieties:  Pinotage

Style of wine: Wood matured fortified red wine

Verification: The Pinotage were left on the vines until they reach 28,5 °B and then harvested by hand. After crushing, yeast was added and then the skins and juice was allowed to ferment to a sugar level of 80 g/l. The wine was then pressed and fortified using grape spirits. This was followed by aging in older French oak barrels.

Winemaker’s notes: Intense aromas of cherries, ripe plums and Christmas pudding. Well supported by rich vanilla, liquorice and an intriguing spiciness. A truly complex and layered wine which will age beautifully over the next 5-8 years.


Alcohol 18.6 % vol
Residual Sugar 78 gm. /l
Total Acidity 5 gm/l
pH 3.52

Food pairing: This wine is ideal for any rich decadent chocolate desert or any of one of its sinful friends. Also great with some of our fantastic local cheeses and preserves.

Allée Bleue Viognier Grappa 2015

Origin: Franschhoekstarlet-blanc-210416

Label: Allée Bleue

Farm Location:  R45 Franschhoek Valley

Wine-maker:  Van Zyl du Toit

Grape Varieties: Viognier

Style of wine: Premium Husk Spirits

Verification: The grapes were sources from a special block of Viognier on the banks of the Dwars River. After crushing the grappa was fermented on the skins in special plastic containers until dry. Afterwards the skins and wine were distilled (From there Husk Spirits) in a special copper still and only the heart was used for the second distillation. After that the grappa underwent some aging and maturing before bottling in November 2011.

Winemaker’s notes: The flavours are potent and powerful, yet with a quaint elegance. Rich tropical fruits, hints of apricot and fig welcomes you on the nose.Alight hint of nuttiness reminds of rich Christmas pudding. The palate is clean, refreshing and SMOOTH. The grappa is well balanced and not overwhelming as many people would think. But it does kick like a female ostrich in heat.

Analysis: 43%

Food pairing: Serve as the perfect match with your best Espresso. Will also pair well with summer fruit cocktail with a grappa and pistachio ice cream.

Allée Bleue Olive Oil (250ml | 500ml)

Origin: Franschhoekolive oil

Label: Allée Bleue

Farm Location:  R45 Franschhoek Valley

Olive Varieties:  Mission 95% & Frantoio 5%

Style of Olive Oil: Medium Bodied Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Oil

Production: Harvest normally starts end of April and finish end of May.Olives are harvested at ±60 veraison and are handpicked.The next day they are washed and then cold pressed. After going through a decanter that strains the most lees and solids. The oil is stored for 2 months to settle and then filtered through sterile cotton wool. The oil is then ready for bottling.

Winemaker’s notes: The Olive Oil has a crystal clear appearance, a light amber colour with shades green. The nose is clean and fresh with vibrant herbaceous and grassy notes. The pallet is rich and smooth with lots of flavours and length.Delicate nutty flavours are well supported by the herbaceous nuances which is a true reflection of what pure oil should be.


Peroxide Value < 20meq /kg
Free Fatty Acid <0.8%

Food pairing: A truly Standout oil that will be great in Salads, vinaigrettes or Cooking. And my favourite, just mix with a bit of Balsamic Vinegar and ground pepper as a dipping sauce for freshly baked breads.

Allée Bleue Balsamic Vinegar (250ml)


Fine quality from Modena, Italy!