Art at Allée Bleue

Renowned German designers Gundel and Emil Sogor were given free rein to create the new identity of Allée Bleue when the Dauphins purchased the estate in 1994.

Emil Sogor sees himself as a wanderer between the worlds of graphic design, painting and sculpture.

“The discovery of a work of art is like a discovery of one’s self on a journey into the unknown.”

Inspiration from different cultures, past and present, has had a significant influence on his work. Ideas and sketches always form the first and most important step in Emil Sogor’s work and the aesthetic balance of ambivalent factors is a key moment.

“Straight or picturesque; constructive or unstable; opaque or transparent; area or space”.

Gundel Sogor’s contribution to Allée Bleue is a holistic creative approach.

They have long since been admired for their ability to innovate and shake the foundations of decorative principles. They have combined this with the historic buildings and surroundings to bring new life to Allée Bleue.